Friday, July 23, 2010

Loaves and Fishes

A bit of a modern miracle occurred at the vending machines this morning. I had ventured down, in search of a solution to a nasty mid-morning slump. Yes, it is indeed finally Friday, but it’s been a real country song kind of a week and the coming weekend looks even worse.

As I approached the machine, something dark dashed across my path. I had specifically avoided the staircase wherein lurketh the Centipede of Death on my quest for sustenance, only to be met by an R.O.U.S. at my destination. Understandably, this gave me cause to momentarily reconsider my dedication to this mission.

Proceeding with caution, I fingered my two quarters and pondered my snack options. Finally deciding on Famous Amos cookies, I inserted the coins into the machine and waited for the bag to drop. You can imagine my joyous surprise when a second bag of cookies also fell to the bottom. I opened the door to retrieve the bonus snack… only to discover a bag of Swedish Fish also lying there!

This morning, not only my body, but even my soul was nourished through the providential provision of loaves and fishes—Swedish fishes. Call it karma for all those times the evil machines thwarted my celebration of Dew Day, or maybe God just knew I would need a pick-me-up. Whatever, it completely made my day.

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