Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready or Not

Last year when I had knee surgery, the anesthesiologist didn’t give me any warning. One moment, I was sitting there talking to the nurse and the next thing I knew, I was waking up to a lot of pain. That seems to be the story of life in a nutshell: painful but necessary things happening without notice.

Remember when you had to take the SAT or ACT exam? You sat down with your No. 2 pencil and realized just how unprepared you were for the ordeal before you. There was a moment of absolute panic when you considered bolting, but then you took the test anyway. When it was all over, there was nothing more you could do—unless you retake it.

Mondays always come too soon for me and this one is no exception. This week is going to be intense, with several important things going on at once. I sincerely wish that I had had more time to mentally prepare (hopefully gain some composure and confidence), but it’s too late now that it’s already Monday.

We’re never asked whether or not we’re ready for whatever life throws at us. Sometimes, we’re surprised. Other times, we’re still not ready, even when we know it’s coming. Just have to take a deep breath, hunker down, and do whatever it is. When you have to do it, that’s when you’re ready to do it.

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