Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some days, you just need to take a trip from the mundane. I saw several things that I had never seen before today. First, I saw a mail truck at a gas station. I’d never seen that before. Somehow, I had always assumed that there was some magical federal fuel depot in the sky for them all. You know, like where babies come from.

Then I saw a dog in a shopping cart. My friend Naomi and I were in the Salvation Army store, digging for buried treasure. I looked over as another shopper passed me, only to see a small Yorkie staring bag at me. This woman had the poor dog sitting in the basket of her cart and it did not look happy. Can’t say that I blame it.

We also found a pair of Apple Bottom jeans in the store. That’s right: a genuine pair of Apple Bottom jeans with gold stitching. That dumb song has been stuck in my head ever since—just like it’s stuck in yours now.

The fourth and final awesome thing that I saw was a vanity license plate which said “TAKA·PIL” on the way home. It made me chuckle. Either its owner is a pharmaceutical salesman, or they were simply expressing the quintessential attitude of a hot summer day in Scranton. Saturdays are good Take A Chill Pill Days.

With all the craziness of life, it’s important to decompress periodically. I don’t know about you, but lately every aspect of my life seems determined to stress me out. Today, I am relaxing. A trip to the Salvation Army, Wal-Mart, making brownies with my friend Michelle, watching sweet action movies… It’s been a good sabbath day so far.

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