Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Because It's There

One of my favorite questions has always been “why?” You can ask my parents, I was one of the most inquisitive and annoying children ever. I just love knowing why things happen and how they work. Of course, my parents, in typical parental fashion, often fell back on the standard answer of “because.”

Understandably, “because” was an infuriating answer to my beloved “why?” Even now, I hate it when a response boils down to a simple statement of ignorance and/or apathy. Please, give me an answer of substance and reality—if you don’t know, just say so.

Today I was reminded of that classic scene in which Spock asks Kirk why he is climbing a mountain. Kirk replies, “because it’s there!” Like Spock, I do not consider that cavalier response a sufficient reason. Life’s questions should not be dismissed so easily.

Not every opportunity should be taken. Each “truth” must be examined to determine its veracity. Perhaps everything can’t be explained, but that does not mean we should stop asking. I would hate to live in a world without people who challenge the status quo by asking “why?” Then, everyone would still think the world was flat.

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