Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nonconformity ≠ Rebellion

Several people have recently labeled me a “rebel,” which in their eyes is an unacceptable character flaw, particularly in a young woman. Coming from certain people, I take it as a compliment. Their disapproval of my personal decisions only incites my so-called rebelliousness. I would like to, however, point out that there is a difference between rebellion and nonconformity.

My life has never been (and I hope it never will be) normal. My childhood was such that I had to grow up much faster than most of my peers. “Why?” has always been my favorite question. I like to think for myself and tend to challenge the status quo. If I find that a certain tradition has legitimate basis, I won’t rock the boat—but I will not abide by tradition simply for tradition’s sake alone.

Certainly perfection is still far off for me, but ya’ll don’t seem to be getting much closer either. I am tired of being criticized for my preferences merely because they differ from somebody else’s. Some in fundamental circles have gone so far as to criticize me as a liberal or a feminist. While I would never even consider radical feminism, I would have made a great suffragette back in the day.

Just because someone is different doesn’t make them any better or worse than anyone else. Sometimes a difference is good or bad, but sometimes it’s just plain different. I may not be normal, but please remember that unusual circumstances foster atypical results. I am what I am. If that offends you, I’m sorry, but get over it. Instead, how about joining me and my questioning nonconformity?

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