Friday, August 6, 2010

Writer's Block

Today has not been terribly conducive to writing. I spent most of my day staring at my computer, trying to fix a software glitch and enable printing from catalog records. Yes, riveting. Most of my creativity for the day was spent designing new informational material for the upcoming semester.

Even though it’s still relatively early (especially for a Friday night), I hope to get to bed within the next hour or so. Working two jobs has really started to catch up with me the past couple weeks. Not that I’m complaining about the supplemental income—I just need to get going on my 8 hours of sleep so I can work all day tomorrow.

All of the above mentioned factors have contributed to a rather severe mental blockage for which I sincerely apologize. I wanted so much to come up with an entertaining, upbeat topic to write about today. However, today is almost over for me and I’ve got nothing.

That being said, I anticipate this occurring more regularly in the future. Therefore, I am opening up this blog to your suggestions. If there is ever anything you want me to write about, please just tell me. My inspirations often result from my interactions with others anyway. So, feel free to comment, facebook, whatever… and have a good night!

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