Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who's Your Cutout?

Recently, I conducted a poll amongst my friends. To those who participated, thank you. To those who did not participate… nevermind. The question of the poll was this: if you could have a life-size cardboard cutout of anybody you wanted, who would it be?

The results were extremely interesting. I was surprised at how many historical figures appeared on the list, instead of just pop icons. Perhaps most curious of all was that the list of answers is entirely men, although I made sure to survey both guys and girls. Of course, some of the answers were sarcastic, and those may be my favorites.

The “winners” are President Obama and André the Giant, with two votes each. In both cases, Obama was to Gibbs slap. André received his votes based purely on the fact that he would be the biggest and scariest cutout of all. For all you inquiring minds out there, here’s the rest of the list…

André the Giant (2)
Boba Fett
C.S. Lewis
Captain Kirk
Charles Lindbergh
Edward Cullen
Jack Bauer
Justin Bieber
Lance Armstrong
Patrick Stewart
President Obama (2)
Shawn Spencer
Sid Crosby
Stonewall Jackson
Tim Tebow

Personally, I would choose Nathan Fillion circa Firefly, so that I could walk by every day and say “he really is ruggedly handsome, isn’t he?”

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