Friday, August 13, 2010

The Concept of Reality

Inception is being hailed as the greatest film of the year, decade, century… possibly of all time! Having now seen it, I wouldn’t go so far as to say all that—maybe best of the year. I give it an A- rating. I greatly appreciated the originality of the plot, the quality of the cast, and the profound lack of profanity and sexuality.

Watching movies in the theater is always an experience in and of itself. Even getting there was a bit of an adventure this time, thanks to a Rascall Flatts concert. Listening to the other members of the audience trying to keep up with the action is sometimes frustrating to me. This particular movie was quite complex and it was painfully obvious that some people in the room were unused to thinking.

Especially the end of the movie drew a reaction from the crowd. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say, the movie does not have a definite conclusion. One woman sitting nearby yelled “that’s not fair!” as the screen turned black. The ending, however, was designed to cause one to question reality. The entire point of the movie was the concept of reality’s fragility.

Absolute truth exists, however I do not believe that we humans can ever fully know it. We can only ever see part of the whole of reality. Therefore, reality can seem relative. As we continue to learn more, our prior assumptions are challenged and paradigms can shift. This is understandably frustrating and confusing!

Throughout history, people have attempted to manipulate the world around them, both physical and metaphysical. Inception addressed the immense power of even a single thought. It questions the extent to which reality should be tampered. Sometimes, life isn’t fair, as that woman so loudly protested. I for one am thankful that life is unfair. Otherwise, I should already be dead and in Hell.

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