Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busy Nothings

Summer is officially over. I used to dread the end of summer, but now I embrace the arrival of autumn. It’s starting to get cooler during the day, and especially at night. New seasons always remind me of life’s constant cycle of change. Any day now, the leaves will all start turning vibrant colors and all the bugs will die off. That means that it’s almost hockey season!

My little brother, James, just started college this weekend. That makes me feel strangely old. My other brother, Andrew will be arriving here tomorrow for the new semester. I’m very excited to have family nearby; it’s been five years since they’ve been around. The addition of a second job, plus a brother on campus, plus ramping up my workouts, means that I will have less and less time.

With the end of summer comes the official end of my blog project. My goal was to devote myself to an exercise in creativity and writing every day, but only for a couple of months. I considered ditching this blog entirely, since I won’t have much time for it from now on. However, due to the amount of traffic this site has been getting, I have decided to continue on—just not every day.

I’ll probably only post two or three times a week from here on out. I expect that increased activity will provide me with more material, so that will definitely be good, as I was starting to run out. My life at times seems to be a quick succession of busy nothings, with which I do not need to bore you. So, don’t worry, things may change, but they’ll always stay the same.

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