Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Unplugged

My office computer has always been a source of frustration. The term “dinosaur” comes to mind as best describing it. Whether it’s the glacial startups, or the possessed printer, there’s always something irksome. Yesterday, it took over an HOUR to turn on. That did it. I called IT. Matt couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, but offered to run some diagnostics and at least defrag it.

Of course, none of those basic procedures could be implemented on my user profile, but only by an administrator. Since the defragmentation process would probably take several hours, that meant that it had to be done overnight. Obviously, they couldn’t leave an admin login unattended in my office overnight. So. They. Took. My. Computer.

The original assumption was that the programs would run overnight and my tower would be back in its place first thing in the morning. Around nine o’ clock, I finally called up to check on my poor hard drive. Turns out, one of the cleaners had gotten stuck at some point in the night and since nobody had been around to click “OK,” nothing had really gotten done—but they promised I’d have it back in an hour or so.

When I got back from lunch, my monitor still sat there all alone, wires dangling in disarray. 95% of my job involves my computer: all my files are on it, as are several specialized programs which are unique to my position. I spent most of the day wandering aimlessly, roaming from menial task to insignificant chore in an attempt to at least appear busy.

At last, my computer was returned! It now runs much faster… let’s see how it is tomorrow morning. I’m excited to get back to work for real and make some progress on that horrid list of faulty account numbers. I also learned the valuable lesson that while my computer may be a piece of junk, I do actually need it and therefore, should probably stop calling it nasty names.

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