Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where My Freaks

Nothing moves me like music—literally. All it takes is a good beat to get me on my feet. I haven’t actually taken dance lessons, but I would love to some day. Rhythm never fails to bring a natural reaction of motion from me. Even if it’s only my head or a finger, if there’s music, I just have to move. Yes, I know that may make me a freak. Feel free to join me. You know you want to!

Music has always been the most basic form of release for me. Motion seems the most logical interaction with a singer who isn’t present in the room. Some might argue that singing along is the simplest way to connect with the music, but I often find my voice detracting from the experience, rather than enhancing it.

When an artist releases an album, they are presenting an entity which they consider to be perfect. The order of lyrics was carefully chosen to express exact sentiments. The combination of the notes is the product of collaboration of talent including the composer, the musicians, and the producer. The vocal arrangement has been recorded and rerecorded and mixed to convey emotion appropriate to the project as a whole and the line itself… after all that work, what could I audibly add ?

Hearing that classic “where my freaks?” makes me not only want to answer “woohoo!” but to throw my hands up in the air. I can’t help my response. I may not actually give in to the urge if I’m, say, talking to the president at that moment. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to release all that pent up movement as soon as I get home. You're invited to join in.

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