Friday, July 9, 2010

In Process

Recently, this blog has taken some harsh criticism. It’s been called too “cynical,” too “trippy,” too “sarcastic,” and even too “creepy,” referring specifically to last night’s update. Well, I hope ya’ll at least like the new layout, because I finally think that I like this one enough to keep it.

All I can say in defense of my poor site is that it’s a work in progress. I myself have by no means “arrived,” and therefore, neither has my blog. Both the project in its entirety and each post on its own is a process beginning with an idea. Even the formation of a concrete idea can be a process!

It’s amazing how much of life is a process. It’s a constant series of doing and learning and trying and failing and picking yourself up and moving on to start it all over again. Every day, you’ve just got to keep getting out of bed and trying to do better than yesterday.

Your constructive criticism is welcome in this blogging process. I’m still very much figuring it out as I go. My point is, however, that I’m working on it. Progress is being made! All I’m doing is living my life and trying not only to survive life, but to find something in it to celebrate every day.

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