Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crazy Dreams

Reevaluation is an important process, which everyone should periodically apply to their own lives. I am currently in the middle of reevaluating my decision-making paradigm. Time continues to pass and certain goals may have become unattainable, so what do I do with those dreams?

Life can be so perfidious! Usually by the time you get to high school, you know you’ll never be an astronaut, but some dreams still seem possible. You would think that these dreams wouldn’t end up being as crazy as wanting to be an astronaut when you grow up, but sometimes they do.

As you mature into adulthood, life becomes more about reality and less about dreams. You have to get a job so that you can pay the rent, pay off your loans, and buy groceries. You don’t have time to chase your dream of becoming an archaeologist. The point of intersection between dreams and reality is one of brutal mathematics.

Perhaps Don Quixote had it right by refusing to see the world as it is, but rather, as it should be. He lived an impossible dream and everyone thought he was a lunatic. But maybe, too much sanity is madness. I don't have any answers here, only questions. This is what I'm working through, slowly and painfully.

As I evaluate each ambition, hope, and dream, I must consider the value of each. A dream that inspires me to reach for the moon is worth much more than wanting to be a professional rodeo clown. Therefore, which do I keep trying to achieve, and which do I put out of their misery?

Maybe they are crazy, but I’m choosing to keep some dreams. More and more I may be euthanizing dreams, but I just can’t give up all of them. Dreams can give meaning and purpose to an otherwise empty and meandering life. Just because they aren’t practical, doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary.

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