Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crimes against Facebook

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly something can become cliché. Recently, I’ve started to notice just how cliché certain Facebook practices have become—and I didn’t think Facebook was even old enough to have clichés yet! Yet some trends have managed to reach criminal proportions.

I realize that I may be the only person who may be annoyed by unoriginality, but I’m okay with that (at least it’s an original annoyance). It just really annoys when I see people copying each other again and again. So here, is a brief list of Facebook habits that bug the crap out of me…

· Overuse of lyrics and quotes for status updates—I don’t care so much about what “they” said, it’s your status

· Profile pictures that are just a hand with a ring—could be anyone’s hand!

· Profile pictures of you as a baby/young child—we were all cute back then

· Profile pictures of inanimate objects—seriously? It’s called Facebook, not Flowerbook

· Constantly substituting “lol” and emoticons for punctuation—to which pronoun are you referring anyway?

· Farmville—and Fishville and Baker’s Corner and Mafia Wars and I don’t care what crop you just planted or blackjack you found.

Of course, I myself am not innocent of some social networking transgressions. I know that I probably do update my status too often. However, I try to make those statuses interesting. All I ask is that others afford me the same consideration and at least attempt to be original occasionally.

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