Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Eclipse

It’s true: I went to the midnight, premiere showing of the new Twilight movie last night. Still not exactly sure why I went, but that may have something to do with getting less than four hours of sleep. That was one of the things I always swore I would never do, yet there I was with all the screaming fan girls in their full vampire costumes—even in Scranton.

Good thing today was already Dew Day, so I didn’t feel guilty for adding a caramel macchiato to my morning routine. The experience was totally worth it, though, and it was a good exercise in spontaneity for me. I had a lot of fun with my friends, even if Megan was hissing Team Edward sentiments in my ear the entire time. Now, I just have to stay awake…

I was quite satisfied with the movie itself. I won’t give anything away here (don’t want to spoil it for anyone who plans to see it). They stayed accurate to the book with the plotline, which is always a good idea—no real surprises. They also really stepped up the quality of the CGI, especially in the action sequences. The major battle scene was excellent.

So yes, I did go to see Eclipse last night. And yes, I did have fun. But no, if you saw the news on WNEP 16, that was not me. I was not the short blonde in the white shirt. Although, that was Thomas who was jumping up and down, waving at the camera. Nothing unusual about it, we were just a group of college and seminary staff and students at a movie about teenage vampires and werewolves.

And by the way, go Team Jacob! We still love you!

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