Friday, June 11, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder

For the past two days my work computer has generally been out of commission. Why? Because I.T., in all their infinite wisdom and magic abilities, is “fixing” it. By fixing it, I mean, repeatedly striking it with a sledgehammer.

I made the mistake of asking them to help with some access and connectivity issues I was having. That was my own fault. What was not my fault was the root problem: I have three staff accounts! At first, we thought there were just two to merge, but no, there are actually three. The network knows me not only as Snippert, but also as Sarah.nippert, and Snippert2.

This whole time, I thought there was only one of me. Then I thought about it again and realized that there really are multiple me’s. There is Professional Sarah, Party Sarah, Girlfriend Sarah, Sports Fan Sarah… you get the idea. They’re all me, but each accentuates a different feature of my personality.

No wonder my poor computer is so confused! In fact, I’m surprised more computers aren’t all muddled up. Everybody allows exhibition of personality to be affected by circumstance on some level. Perhaps my computer knows me best, after all. It knows that I download showtunes while watching hockey—and that’s probably the least schizophrenic thing I do!

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