Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going Global

The World Cup is once again underway. Some of you may be asking, “cup? What cup?” For those of you (Americans) who do not know, it is a soccer tournament that occurs every four years. It is actually the world’s largest single sporting event. The Olympics don’t count because they’re actually a series of tournaments for multiple sports.

Pretty much every other country besides the U.S. thinks this a huge deal and uses the opportunity to exuberantly expresses their deep devotion to football. We mostly spend the whole time trying to figure out why they’re playing with a black and white ball… “Dude, I thought you said they were playing football, but this is just soccer.”

It always amazes me when the whole world comes together for a single event. The original Olympics in 776 BC could only be held every four years because that’s how hard it was to coordinate the travel plans of everyone in Greece. In 1873 AD, it was nearly impossible to travel around the world in 80 days. Now, you could easily do it in 80 hours.

The world has gone global. Today, we have things called global phenomenons: Michael Bublé, Twilight, the World Cup… even this blog has gone global (special shout-out to my friends in Germany and Portugal)! The world is a different place these days, but the people are still the same. We still live and love and die and get all excited about sports we don’t understand… “Okay, why is he rolling around on the ground?”

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