Monday, June 28, 2010

Isn't It Romantic

I like to think of myself as a realist. Certain people like to call me a cynic, and it’s true that I’m not much of an optimist. I am, however, somewhat of a closeted romantic. I do believe that temporal happiness can be achieved. My romantic side tends to creep out in one area most specifically: music.

Chick flicks, romance novels and Valentine’s Day usually make me nauseous. They’re selling an unattainable fairy tale of mush which I just cannot buy. A good love song, however, captures a single, blissful moment between two people. Three or four minutes of music and happiness… now that I can accept.

True, sometimes my music choices make me wonder whether I’m truly a romantic or just a masochist. However, the list of my favorite love songs is quite lengthy. In fact, the one part of my wedding that I have ever allowed myself to plan is the music. I have a list, to which I’m constantly adding, as I hear and fall in love with new songs.

Of course, as of now, nobody will ever hear that list. The song always inevitably ends and reality sets back in. Maybe someday the world will get to hear how much of a romantic I really am, but not this day. Today, I am a realist who asks will you have the band play Isn’t It Romantic?

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