Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snippy goes to Seminary

The lack of Mountain Dew at the college has reached tragic proportions. Today, I was forced to trek over the pond and through the woods to the seminary. Thankfully, it is a beautiful day and I enjoyed the chance to get out of the office. But seriously, this needs to be fixed because I am not welcome at the seminary.

It’s true… very few women are well received at the seminary, especially during the day. I could feel the professors staring at me when I paused to say hi to Megan. She’s allowed since she’s the receptionist over there, and they love her—probably wouldn’t be able to function without her, considering they’re men.

It felt very strange to be over there. I remember going with my dad to visit the professors when I was a kid. Dr. King had the best candy stash and the coolest action figures. None of them recognize me now that I’m all grown up. Unless they ask my name, of course… which leads to “oh, you’re John’s daughter! How are you parents doing?” which I really do NOT want to get into.

I love my Mountain Dew. I look forward to Dew Day all week long, anticipating that moment when I crack the cap and take the first sip. I cannot, however, continue going over to the seminary every Wednesday. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I can’t keep this up too much longer. If you are reading this, Pepsi distributor, please put me out of my misery and restock the machines!

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