Friday, June 25, 2010

iPod iTunes iPhone iPad iWant

I bought a brand new iPod 8GB Nano today. Why? Because the iPod that I currently have is 5 years old, has only a gig of capacity, and barely holds a charge anymore. My new one is bright, sunshine yellow and says “snippiddydoda” on it, just in case there was any question as to its ownership.

When I get home tonight, I’m going to start downloading new music for my new iPod. The next time I’m in the store, I’m going to look for new headphones, which will not be dorky, but will stay in my ears. Then, I’ll need to get a dock for my iPod, so that I can play music out loud in any room. Then…. I may be addicted to my music, but that's no excuse.

It seems to me that the more I have, the more I have to have to take care of the things I have. The greatest capability of modern American consumerism is its propensity to accessorize ad infinitum. There are even accessories for the accessories! Everything's always getting bigger, smaller, faster, smoother: better.

I am just as guilty of materialism as the next person. I use the word “need” for things that in reality, I only want. I want my music so much that I had to buy a new iPod. I justify the expense by saying that music helps me focus, work harder, work out more, etc. Really, I need to stop using “I” so much. But at least I didn’t use a credit card!

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