Sunday, June 6, 2010

Piña Coladas

My propensity for getting caught in the rain has recently resurfaced with a vengeance. One summer, I must have raced up the hill from the boathouse almost a dozen times. I could usually see the storm coming across the lake and would just have enough time to make it if I ran. It seems that this summer will be another meteorological challenge.

The good news is I don't always mind getting caught in the rain. Under the right circumstances, I enjoy the surprise. Today was one of those instances. I was about half-way home from church when the storm hit. I had figured that I had another five minutes, but I guess I was wrong.

By the time I did get home, I looked like I had gone swimming with my clothes on. I had to wring out everything, even my underwear. Thankfully, nobody was around to see me—for some reason “drowned” is just not a good look for me. At least I got soaked on the way back from church, instead of on the way there. The storm also dropped the temperature by about 15 degrees… hallelujah!

The best part of getting caught in the rain is that it’s something you never plan to do. I didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “I hope I get stuck in a torrential downpour.” But it happened and I LOVE that it did! I could not have stopped the rain, so I chose to dance in it.

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