Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Search for Significance

The universal theme of each human life is the search for significance. Everybody wants to be a somebody instead of a nobody—even if the only one who cares about them is their dog. Each personality may exhibit this desire differently, but be sure that it is always there.

Whether you’re the CEO of the company who seeks applause from large crowds, or the corporate accountant who finds warmth with her family at home, everyone needs to feel important. The need for affirmation is common to all people. If not love, at least attention is needed.

I’m not necessarily speaking of the hubris of a Napoleon, although psychology would quickly point out that instance of confirmation deprivation. Maybe you don’t want to change the world, but you just want someone know that you’re in it. Mere existence seems insignificant unless a life’s impact is noticed.

Most people out there are barely living: we go to work, we go home… and that’s pretty much it. Some days, I feel as though a well-trained monkey could replace me at work. I want to know that my life is making a difference. I know I can’t change the world, but like an asteroid that will mostly burn up in the atmosphere, I have to try to make an impact.

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