Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This morning I had a revelation: I need to celebrate life! Not just the highpoints, but every minute of every day has been given to me for some reason and should therefore be celebrated. Who knows what's going to happen next...

Today's celebration was actually getting a bottle to come out of the soda machine. I literally heard fanfare in my head and yelled "TA DA!" while striking a victorious pose, Mountain Dew held high above my head.

Wednesdays are usually celebrated anyway. It is the one day a week on which I allow myself the precious nectar known as Mountain Dew. Otherwise, I would drink it everyday which would both cheapen its impact and add to my waistline--not to mention depleting my bank account. If you ever hear me refer to Dew Day, please understand that I mean Wednesday (Dew Day is simply *backwards*Wed-nes-day).

The past couple weeks, that blasted vending machine has been giving me great difficulty. One time it would not take my bill. I had to feed it into the candy machine and get coins returned before I could get my soda. Last week, the Mountain Dew was simply sold out. Tragic!

But today, O blessed day! I celebrate with my beloved Dew by starting a blog. I have recently been told that I need to be more open and "put myself out there" more, whatever that means. So here you go world, this is me.

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