Saturday, May 15, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The Lord sure knew what He was doing when He commanded Israel to observe a day of rest. Personally, I love Saturdays. My personal sabbath provides a much needed opportunity to slow down and savor life’s individual blessings.

Hanging out till all hours, relaxing on a Friday night. The relief of a cool night breeze after a muggy day. Waking up when my body naturally wants to, without the annoyance of an alarm. The crunch of raspberry seeds in my yogurt. Feeling the burn of an intense workout. A long, hot, cleansing shower. The smoky but rewarding adventure of cooking an actual meal. A friend’s delight in watching a favorite classic for the first time. Licking chocolate off my fingers. An afternoon nap. Plans to try something new and fun this evening…

Saturdays really are the best. After a busy week that was full of work and stress, there is a lot to be said for enjoying the common grace of the world around us. I don’t need much more entertainment than the squirrels outside my window. The cotton-ball clouds drifting lazily across the valley is one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. This day is one of tranquility.

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