Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Things

Life really is about the little things. Someone once said that if you don't believe in the power of little things, you've never had a mosquito in your bedroom. Pretty sure I just made that up, but it sounded good, right?

Each day is comprised of little moments that add up. I savor getting a funny text from a friend and sipping my Mountain Dew. Indeed, when the big, important parts of life fall apart, the details are sometimes all that get me through the day.

I tend to notice the details and pick up on the tiniest hints. They can sometimes send my whole existence spinning, and not always in a good way. A friend's silence can be deafening. Seeing a name mentioned on facebook can blind me... Right about that moment, I need to remind myself that there is a bird singing outside my window and the sun is also shining through it.

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