Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Epic Idiocy

It’s raining and it’s a Tuesday. According to Taylor Swift, that means something romantic is about to happen! So… yeah, still waiting (although the technically the day isn’t over yet). Taking tragic love advice from Taylor probably isn’t a good idea—possibly fabulous hair advice, but only if you don’t mind being perceived as a dumb blonde.

In honor of all their epically fatal ideas, I’ve compiled a short list of people whose advice you should never take…

Just so the idiots don’t get all the attention today, here are some people who give surprisingly enlightened advice:

Where do you find inspiration in everyday life? It’s important to cultivate relationships with wise friends who know what they’re talking about. Books are great, but a lot of times it takes a person to help us work through their concepts until they’re applicable to the mess of real life. So many times, my friends’ advice has kept me from ending up on the idiot list—thank you!

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