Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Gift of a Pineapple

This morning, I had the most wonderful gift waiting for me at work: a pineapple! To many of you, who do not watch Psych, the significance of this gift may be lost. To the rest of us, who love that show as any who have seen it must do, we understand its full glory. The pineapple symbolizes all that is both random and awesome in life.

Said pineapple was a gift from my friend and coworker, Laura, who is leaving. She got promoted at the local public library, so now she will be working there full time. I’m really going to miss seeing her practically every day. She’s always left me the best notes on my desk and this morning’s was no exception.

When Laura first told me yesterday that she was leaving, I admit that I had some difficulty fulfilling the biblical mandate to rejoice with those who rejoice. I am very happy for her, of course. It was just hard for me not to rain on her parade with my own selfish dejection. Her life is moving forward while mine seems to have stalled.

Other people’s success lately seems to be reminding me only of my own failure: Laura got a new job, Tim and Marie got engaged, etc., while I’m still stuck here. Life continues to go on. Some days, awesome randomness like pineapples from friends make it a little bit better. I’m determined to gratefully enjoy the little things until the big things improve.

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